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6 Steps to Networking Success for the Holidays. Turning the Holiday Season into Your Most Successful Networking Event Ever.

The holiday season, Thanksgiving right through New Years, is a great time of year, not only to celebrate family and friends, but with all the holiday gatherings, it’s the longest networking event of the year. All you need are some guidelines to make it successful for you.

As I have said for over 30 years, networking is all about creating and cultivating new relationships and solidifying established relationships to where people know you well, value what you say, and care about you. When this happens, you not only have a strong personal and business connection, you have a client for life that will continue to be an ongoing source of referrals

  1. No Business During a Party. Most would say, What! This is not only the 1st step to making this be successful but it’s probably the toughest to do.
  2. Be Thankful For the Relationships You Have. The two most magic words to someone, especially when not expecting to hear it, are “Thank You”. Your Thank You is not for anything specific, it’s for just being there for you and for all they do for you as a friend and as a client. Starting with a heartfelt Thank you, sets the tone of your interaction with them.
  3. Get to know people by letting them talk, the more they talk, the better you will get to know them and the closer they will feel to you because you simply let them talk, and when they do, most likely they talk about their favorite subject, themselves. This actually gives you everything you need to do business with them at another time, but not now.
  4. Ask questions about them and truly show your interest. While you ask questions about them also mix in some questions that will lead them to answers you with why they would need to work with you. Attorneys call this “Guided Discovery” asking questions that give you the answers you want. This is going to set the ground work for the next step
  5. When they ask, “So what is it that you do?” Simply tell them and quickly follow up with, “But we’re at a party and I’m enjoying our conversation. We can talk about that at another time, I’ll give you a call this week.
  6. As in everything we do, the fortune is in the follow up. Now you have gotten to know them, gained their trust, and they care about what you say because they asked you. This is now your opportunity to utilize everything they have spoken about and show them how you can help and be of value to them.

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Now you can Network to build your Net Wealth.

Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda

Thomas Camarda is a professional networker and speaks at networking events and seminars nationally. Thomas offers Networking training, both one-on-one or for your Networking Group.

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