5 Steps To Building A Power Network. Becoming The Ultimate Networker.

Whether building your personal or business network, there are the 5 basic groups that need to have close attention paid to them. Why, Who, What Where, and How.

Why – Why are you building a Power Network, find your why and this become the nucleus of your networking team, your most common denominator. Look at what you do in your business and what you want to accomplish through your Power Network and build around it. This 1st step will give you laser focus on building a strong foundation of your Power Network.

Who – Now that you have established your Why, you are now able to pinpoint the people you already know that will become your “Inner Circle” and begin to grow your network from there. Being accurate is very important, do not leave this to memory. First, make a list of the categories of businesses that are best related to your Why, once that is done, proceed to making a list of people you already know in those categories. For instance, let’s say you are a Financial Planner and your business is based on young people planning for retirement. Your categories may include, Tax Preparers, Wedding Planners, Travel Agents, Attorneys, and other businesses that will help you connect to who you feel are best suited to do business with. Now list who you already know in those fields.

What – Here you are not just looking for what others can do for you, but what you can do for them as well. When building a power network, it is important to see yourself as an asset to the team you are building. Keep in mind that the key to this Power Network blossoming into a huge network with a strong working relationship is based on the ability to continually help each other grow. Your ability to help them grow is more important to them, as their ability to help you. I know this sounds like a very bold statement, but, in most cases, it is true.

Where – Look at a map and target the areas you can do business in, and can travel to for events or appointments. In today’s world of technology, it is very easy to do business all over the world. When building a true Power Network, if you start with the people you already know, in the area you are in, this will lead to people all around the globe. It’s great to have a global network, but if you can only do business in a specific state or territory, don’t put too much time in building outside that area. When the need arises to grow outside of the area you’re in, you can simply turn to your network and ask, “Who do you know in____?” You will be surprised at what will happen.

How – Now that you have all this information together and formed your “Inner Circle” candidates, Interview them. Give each person a call and simply ask them to get together with you to discuss Building a Power Network with them. When speaking to them let them know exactly what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. It is important to let them know that what role they will play in your network and also what role you can play in theirs. If this is acceptable to both you and your candidate, share these 5 steps with them, and plan your strategy to begin building. One of your strategies should include at least 1 networking event per month that you both attend. While at the event use the “Tag Team” method of networking and meet afterwards to share your results from the event.

Next Week’s Networking Tip: High Touch Meets High Tech, Using Social Media.

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Now you can Network to build your Net Wealth.

Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda

Thomas Camarda is a professional networker and speaks at networking events and seminars nationally. Thomas offers Networking coaching, both one-on-one or for your Networking Group.

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