Gratitude, A Networker’s Attitude. Becoming The Ultimate Networker Holiday Tip

What better a time of year for such a great topic. It is amazing how just being thankful can really solidify a bond between people. Although it sounds like the easiest thing to do, it’s actually so easy that often we forget to acknowledge it. Showing gratitude to your contacts and connections in business is as important as showing gratitude to friends and family. A simple “Thank You” phone call, email or post card goes a long way. Think about the feeling you get when someone is truly grateful for what you have done for them.  The heartwarming feeling of fulfillment that you experience is irreplaceable and makes you feel that everything you do for the person giving you thanks, never goes unnoticed. You will be more likely to work with that person in the future because of the way it makes you feel. This is what others feel when you show how thankful you are for them, and where, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” really comes into play.

How do we put this into action?

When at a networking event. After making a new connection, be sure to thank them for their time and for coming to the event. When following up with them by email, thank them for sharing their story with you and for telling you about what they do. When asking them for a referral, tell them how much you appreciate their help in building your business. Also be sure to always show your gratitude to the organizers of the event that you are attending. Let them know how important the role they play is for helping you create new contacts and make new connections. Also let them know how grateful you are of the relationships and business that you have done because of what they have created.

When dealing with established relationships, such as clients, colleagues and associates. Show them your gratitude for the business that they give you throughout the year. Remember, you are not the only one in your field that they can work with, the difference between keeping a client and losing one can often be a simple Thank You. Show your Colleagues and associates your gratitude for assisting you throughout the year in various ways.

This is a great time of the year to show your gratitude to others, but it’s not the only time of year to do this. Being grateful is something we all should do every minute of every day with everyone. People, in general, are quicker to find the fault in what someone does, rather than find the good. Amazingly enough, if you flip that you will be very surprised as to what you will find to be grateful for.

As for me, words cannot express how grateful I am for everything and everyone in my life. When I came to Philadelphia in 2006, I didn’t know 1 single person here. Through networking and the techniques I share with all of you, I have been blessed to have tens of thousands of people that I have developed strong working relationships with continue to grow from those relationships every day.

I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to help positively affect your lives and for being part of this wonderful network of professionals. May you, your family and your friends have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Next Week’s Networking Tip: How To Build A Power Network

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Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda


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