The Elevator Pitch, Selling Yourself

You get into an elevator, push the button for the 45th floor, the doors begin to close. Suddenly, someone sticks their hand in to stop them, Donald Trump enters the elevator, pushes the button, and the door closes. You have 30-45 seconds to make an impression. What do you say? Enter “The Elevator Pitch”

Creating your Elevator Pitch. – This is a 30 – 45 second commercial about you. “How do I Fit It All Into 30 seconds?” For those of you who remember, here’s where I’m showing my age, “My Bologna has a first name…” fill in the blanks. If you said “It’s OSCAR” you’re absolutely correct and Oscar Meyer did a great job. Believe it or not, that jingle aired in 1973, for almost 40 years you remembered that message they sent, “Oscar Meyer, the first name in Bologna”. That was their elevator pitch. If Oscar Meyer can have you remember that for almost 40 years, and it was only a 15 second jingle, we can surely come up with a 30-45 second one about ourselves. How do we do that? Let’ s start first by Writing down four topics

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you do.
  3. What sets you aside from everyone else.
  4. Why someone wants to work with you.

Now here’s the guidelines for putting this all together.

  1. Don’t do it at the office, there are to many distractions.
  2. Don’t take phone calls while doing this.
  3. Don’t worry how long you are writing about each topic.
  4. Now relax sit back, and write…

Who You Are. This is simply your name

What You Do. This is not just your job description, this is where you get to tell people what the results of your job description does. Think about this, what is it that happens because of what you do. Let’s say you’re an accountant/financial planner. You may say…You organize and maintain your client’s finances to increase their overall profitability and ensure the growth of their investments to solidify positive future earnings.

What Sets You Aside From Everyone Else. This talks about the personal touch you put on what you do. Remember people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care. Think about this carefully and from the heart, write down your thoughts. Be sure to do this without putting down any other company or person, let the focus be on you.

Why someone wants to work with you.This is left for the end because the beginning and end is what most remember. Your name first, and now this, the reason why they will call you or respond to your call. Think about this carefully, this statement is meant to pull the heart strings. Not only should you write this with passion, but say it with passion. Why is it someone wants to work with you is not something that I can tell you, each person reading this already knows their answer.

Once its all written edit, edit edit until it is 30 – 45 seconds. Now Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you do this the better you will get.

Next Week: Tip #4 The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

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Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda



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