Bonus Tip: 6 Steps to Success for Networking Events.

  1. Create your Elevator Pitch. – This is a 30 second commercial about you. “How do I Fit It All Into 30 seconds?” Easy, here’s a short guide. Write down who you are, what you do, what sets you aside from everyone else and finally why someone wants to work with you. Once its all written, practice, practice practice. Then edit, edit edit until it is 30 – 45 seconds. The more you do this the better you will get. (More details about how to do this next week in Tip #3 The Elevator Pitch, Selling Yourself)
  2. Arrive 15 Minutes Early.When attending a networking event it is always easy to meet people as they walk in. People always remember the beginning and end. Being the 1st person they meet could set the stage for your entire connection.
  3. Upon arrival, check in at Event table with the ticket confirmation. Proceed into the event. Make sure to meet the event co-ordinators and their team. These are the professionals that will help you network and introduce you to others in the room to help assure you a successful networking experience. Also be sure to visit sponsor’s tables for valuable information that can impact your business.
  4. Make sure to bring plenty of business cards. Remember, Success is when preparation meets opportunity; you are always only one contact away from your greatest success. Always be prepared.
  5. Networking is creating relationships, not making a sales call. This is where most people make a mistake. Your goal is to create the beginning of a business relationship, not to make a sale call. Simply meet other like minded business professionals, exchange business cards, give a short introduction of what you do and what sets you aside from  everyone else (Your Elevator Pitch), give the other person time to do the same, then repeat.
  6. The Fortune is in The Follow Up! Most importantly, make sure to follow up with everyone you meet within 72 hours. The faster you follow up with them, the more they will remember, so the sooner the better. The 1st step is an email, thanking them for the opportunity to meet, then connect to all social media. Invite them to connect with you on Linkedin, Facebook, twitter and all other social media platforms you have. Next is a personal phone call. This is where you can have more of an opportunity to get to know them and how you can help them grow their business and yours as well with what you have to offer them and what they have to offer you. It’s always good to schedule a breakfast, lunch or just get together over a cup of coffee. This will help you get to know them and either get direct business, or referrals. Either way, it a Win-Win, and the beginning of a strong business relationship.

Next Week’s Tip #3 The Elevator Pitch, Selling Yourself

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Now you can Network to build your NetWealth

Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda


3 thoughts on “Bonus Tip: 6 Steps to Success for Networking Events.

  1. Jim Skal

    How about a 15 second Escalator Pitch! I gave one at a Pittsburgh High Tech Council breakfast years ago as my last act as a Nauticom sales rep and got my replacement their first appointment!

    1. thomascamarda Post author

      That is great Jim. For someone as polished and experienced as you, a 15 second pitch would probably be a piece of cake. These weekly tips are just that, tips, to help people, most of whom probably do not have your experience, navigate through networking to ensure a successful experience.
      Jim, thanks again for your great input.


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