Becoming The Ultimate Neworker. Tip #1: The Networking Mindset

Welcome to my new Blog “Becoming The Ultimate Networker. Each week I will post a new tip to help you maximize your networking efforts that will lead to more business relationships and more business.

This week’s tip, The Networking Mindset.

Networking is, in my opinion, the best way to build any business. It is all about putting yourself out there, meeting people, creating new relationships, and developing new business. Networking at it’s very base is all about creating the new relationship, not making a sale. Whether you are networking online or face to face, one thing holds true. People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

I have attended thousands of networking events over the last 30 years where I always see people trying their best to make a sale. These are the people that have the opinion that networking does not work. The fact of the matter is, it just does not work for them simply because they are doing it all wrong. When out networking face to face your primary goal is to create a relationship. Simply introduce yourself to others, exchange business cards, and be the 1st to ask, “So what is it that you do?” and most importantly, Let Them Talk and Finish. When they are done telling you about themselves, I believe, 95% of the people will turn to you and ask, “So what do you do?” This is where you get your chance and reply, ” I’m glad you asked” and give them a 30-45 second Elevator Pitch. An Elevator Pitch is not a sales pitch, it’s a pitch on who you are, what you do, what sets you aside from everyone else, and why poeple do business with you. (This will be covered in Tip #3 The Elevator Pitch, Selling Yourself ) After you are done, ask permission to call them, ask when is the best time to call, and jot it down on the back of their card. This entire interaction should take no longer that 2-3 minutes. After you walk from your new contact, turn their card to the back and jot down a one liner that tells you something personal about them. When you call them back, (This will be covered in Tip #4 The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up) you will use the information you wrote on the back of their card.

You will find that through using this method of networking, a sale was actually made, You Sold Yourself.

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Now you can Network to build your NetWealth

Yours in Success,

Thomas Camarda


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